Every day ... we read about more consolidation in the Adult Beverage industry. 
As this occurs, it is increasingly difficult to get big wholesalers to pay attention to smaller brands.
Twenty-five years ago there were about 2 dozen serious, albeit regional, wholesalers in Texas.
Today there are 2 Mega-Wholesalers and 3 small wholesalers concentrating on Liquor.
That's all there is. 

The days of the big wholesaler building brands have passed. 
At Clark Liquor Brokerage, I work with smaller wholesalers who have great relationships with the best retailers in Texas. 
Their relationships and mine are not created overnight, they are built over years and in some cases decades. 
I use these relationships to get brands placed and properly marketed to consumers for maximum pull-through.

The major wholesalers are bombarded by the demands of their top tier suppliers. 

As these wholesalers get bigger and hire younger and less experienced sales staff, it is ever more critical to ensure that
your brands are being overseen by experienced people with product knowledge and account relationships.
I have that experience, that knowledge and those relationships. 

Not all retailers are created equal.
The total number of accounts sold will not reflect success.
It is far more important to get your product in the right accounts and that is where I concentrate.
Targeted accounts sold is where success is found.

Making presentations to retailers is still the path to success.

However, the top retailers are increasingly reluctant to bring in new items because 
the big producers in the industry blanket the market with poorly conceived new products in an effort
to generate profits through a pipeline fill and to remove discretionary spending by retailers.
This is why it is absolutely critical that you have someone with relationships and knowledge to get things done.

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