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Kelt Cognac
Our cognacs are produced exclusively from grapes grown in the best cognac-producing region Grande Champagne. This region, which is the 1er cru, takes its name from the distinctive Campanian chalk soil which produces the most suitable and distinguished type of white wine for distillation. The Grande Champagne cognacs are very precious and throughout the production, more care is taken with these cognacs than those from the other crus. Only the best is good enough, from the growing of the grapes, to selecting the barrels and the cellars. We seek perfection.

In the 18th century, all spirits were shipped in oak barrels. It was found that the spirits developed in an astonishing way during the long sea voyages from Europe to the new world. At that time, the effects of a sea voyage on spirits were barely known. Now, some 200 years later, we know much more about the technical and chemical aspects of the aging process and the phenomenal results which flow from the sea having the chance to work its magic on the spirits. We now know more, but not all. So, we return to the 18th century to give the final touch of maturation to our spirits. We send them, in oak barrels, once around the world on a three month sea voyage – the Tour du Monde OCEAN MATURATION.

During Kelt’s tour du monde OCEAN MATURATION the spirits move constantly with the rolling of the ship. Every molecule of the liquid is in contact with the oak wood repeatedly each day. There are huge variations in temperature, and often extreme heat. The high temperatures persuade the wood to impart the finest of its lignin into the spirits. The constant changes in temperature and air pressure also enable the wood to expand and contract, thereby varying the oxygenation of the spirits. The evaporation increases considerably as does the quality. The »edges« are rounded off and the spirit becomes much more mellow and subtle. This is reflected in both the nose and the taste. Due to the constant movement, temperature and air-pressure variations the molecular structure is rearranged, marrying the blend in a formidable way.

The spirits, already amongst the oldest and finest even before the Tour du Monde, appear to have aged by years or even a decade during their sea voyage around the world. After the OCEAN MATURATION (Tour du Monde) our cognacs return to France for a period of rest in stone chais before they are bottled.

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