augier cognac
Augier Cognac
Augier is the oldest of the cognac houses, founded in 1643. Its history is one of constant experimentation at a time when
the region was discovering the potential of its eaux-de-vie, from unearthing grape varieties and local terrior to learning
about new distillation methods.  By limiting production, the company guaranteed outstanding quality and traceability,
evidenced by blending records that date back over a century.

The company's integrity and values, acknowledged throughout the region, earned it a reputation as
congac's "White House" or a byword for integrity.

Keen to safeguard this heritage, they have rededicated Augier to its original calling:  to strive for typicality, cultivate
neglected terrior and grapes, and create cognacs of singular character.

Augier is non-chill filtered and contains no additives. 
Augier blenders determine the precise alcohol strength for the eaux-de-vie they select to express
their full potential and oranoleptic qualities.

Augier L'Oceanique
Made from Ugni Blanc grapes grown in Bois Ordinaires de L'Île d'Oléron.
L'Oceanique is marked by maritime influences  and an iodised character. 
The body has a straightforward character that reveals strong mineral notes. 
The nose is floral and spiced with hints of Virgina tobacco.

Augier Le Singulier
Flolle Blanche grapes from Grande Champagne.
Le Singulier is an exceptionally expressive cognac made from a fine but long-neglected grape. 
The attack is direct and invigorationg.
The body is rounded and polished.
Intense and complex fruit aromas are counterbalanced by subtle wood notes in the finish.
Augier Le Sauvage
Ugni Blanc grapes grown in the Petite Champagne.
A bold cognac with an appealing intensity achieved by distilling the wine on its fine lees.
The body is complex and subtly balanced, displaying clear-cut, vibrant fruit notes.
The finish is long and gently spiced.

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