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black tot rum
Black Tot Rum
Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica

On July 31, 1970 the British Royal Navy ended its 3 century tradition of giving a ration of rum to the sailors. 
This ration was called the daily tot.  On that last day it was the Black Tot.  The Royal Navy sold off its remaining stocks.  
For the last 50 years the remains of the navy's stocks have been judiciously bottled and sold for some significant prices.
Elixir Distillers ended up with some of the last remaining stocks and do occasionally release them as limited bottlings.
This version of Black Tot Rum is not the limited release old stocks.  It is also not meant to be a recreation of
its flavor.  What they have done is to take the idea of the original Daily Tot and create a modern version.
They have taken the rich, elegant flavor of the rums of Guyana and Barbados and the bold character of Jamaica
and blended these to give us a rum of spectacular dimension.  The sailors would have never gotten anything
done if they'd had this rum in the daily tot.

Black Tot Rum is presented at 46.2% abv and without chill-filtration or added sugar.

Distributed Statewide in Texas by
United Wine & Spirits
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