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Bone Spirits was founded in 2010.  The distillery is located in Smithville, Texas. 
Smithville is about 45 miles east of downtown Austin on Hwy 71.
The distillery is open for tours and by appointment.

Bone Distillery is a craft distillery.  They have a Vendome Pot still and a homemade column still.
This is not the most picturesque equipment, but it makes some fine products. 
They use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. 

bone bourbon

Bone Bourbon
Bone Bourbon is made in Texas with Texas (and Oklahoma) grown grains. 
The corn used is souorced from with 50 miles of the distillery and the rye grain is grown in Oklahoma.
It is distilled in Texas, aged in Texas and bottled in Texas.
It stands out from the crowd by being distilled in Smithville in pot stills from a sweet mash.  It is aged at least two years
in the mild Smithville winters and blazing hot summers.  While it is aged at least two years it is a blend of 2, 4 & 6 year old
Straight Bourbon Whiskeys.  You really have to try it to fully appreciate what is in this bottle.

Distributed Statewide in Texas by
United Wine & Spirits
Call 713.696.9463 for more information