catskill family
Catskill Distilling Company
Located in Bethel, NY and founded in 2008, just a stones throw from the location of
the famed Woodstock Music & Art Fair (aka Woodstock) held in 1969.
With artisan stills produced in Germany by CARL GmbH, and with technical assitance from the late Lincoln Henderson
the distillery turn out award winning whiskies and other spirits.
All of the whiskies are non-chill filtered and no color added.

The Most Righteous Straight Bourbon Whiskey
The entance is pleasantly spicy and bake shop sweet (vanilla, cinnamon).
The mid-palate is gently sweet, buttery/creamy and honeyed.
The finish is extended, bittersweet and like chocolate covered almonds.
42.5% abv  -  85 proof 

Catskill Straight Rye Whiskey
Clean, fresh, smooth, grain, wood notes, lingering in this
multi-awarded straight rye whiskey.
42.5% abv  -  85 proof 

 Fearless Straight Wheat Whiskey
Distilled with pure Catskill Mountain water and the finest locally grown New York red winter wheat. 
Aged in new Kentucky charred oak barrels.
42.5% abv  -  85 proof 

Buckwheat "The One and Only"
Aged for a minimum of two years in new toasted oak barrels.
A specialty spirit made from 80% buckwheat (the remaining 20% is corn and malted barley).
This is the "one and only" buckwheat whiskey on the market.
Due to US labeling regulations this is not labeled as whiskey.
42.5% abv  -  85 proof 

Distributed Statewide in Texas by
United Wine & Spirits
Call 713.696.9463 for more information