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Clan Macleod's Blended Whiskies
Clans are the ancient families of Scotland – known for their castles, tartan, and fiercely competitive Highland games.
Each would secure a ready supply of whisky. When taxes went up the stills were hidden, but the whisky still flowed.
Clan Macleod were especially good at escaping the watchful eye of the exciseman – and a dram of this blended
Scotch Whisky makes a fine toast to their success.

Both Clan MacLeod Whiskies are bottled at 46%abv or 92 proof and without chill filtration.

Spicy & Bold
This is an assertive whisky for a blend.  There are bold flavors and a hint of peat.

Smooth & Mellow

If your go-to whisky is a name brand then this will hit the spot for a lot less money.

Distributed Statewide in Texas by
United Wine & Spirits
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