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Cotton Hollow Distilling Company
Cotton Hollow Distilling Company is an "Independent Bottler".  Independent Bottlers buy whiskey in the barrel from producers
and brokers.  These whiskies are then bottled under the label of the Independent Bottler.  Cotton Hollow's goal is to bottle
whiskies from American distilleries and bring the finest flavors to the consumer at 93 proof.  This gives the consumer
the most possible flavor while having the whiskey at a level of alcohol that does not burn.

By the way, Cotton Hollow is the perfect gift for that second wedding anniversary.

ch tx
Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey 
While Kentucky is the undisputed champ of Bourbon distillation, Texas is making a run at them.
This Straight Bourbon Whiskey is distilled in Texas from corn grown in Texas and is then aged in Texas
for a minimum of 4 years.  The climate in Texas is considerably hotter and more humid than that of
Kentucky or Tennessee so you get a lot more wood interaction in a shorter period of time.
The first batch was released in March 2018 and Batch #2 came out in October 2018 along with a
limited run of Cotton Hollow Texas Stright Bourbon Barrel Strength. 
I tasted this straight from the barrel and all I can say is "I'm glad someone else was driving that day".
Keep your eyes peeled and your mouth watering...

cotton hollow rye
Straight Rye Whiskey 
Until the summer of 2017 Cotton Hollow Rye Whiskey was released in only the smallest of quantities.
Just enough for us to enjoy.
As of July 2017 we have issued the first commercial release of Cotton Hollow Straight Rye Whiskey.
It is aged 4 years and was made in Indiana.  The barrels were specially chosen by Darren Lincoln
for their soft vanilla notes that play beautifully off of the spicy rye flavors.
Unlike other bottlings of Cotton Hollow this Straight Rye Whiskey is bottled at 101 proof for maximum flavor.
This edition will be limited to about 650 cases.

cotton hollow bourbon

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
Whiskey is the hottest "new" category in the spirits business today. 
Cotton Hollow has taken perfectly aged Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey and bottled it just for you (and you, and you...). 
Available in limited quantities, it will run out soon.  So, get your bottle while you can.

Batch #1 of Cotton Hollow Kentucky Bourbon is 4 years old (it was one month shy of its 5th birthday). 
Released October 2014 and sold out before Christmas in most locations.  There were 598 cases in that release.

Batch #2 is 8 years old. It says batch #1 on the label because it is the first batch of 8 year old. 
This was released in September 2015.  It is from the same distillery as the original release above. 
A Non-disclosure agreement prohibits us saying who made it.
This release was 454 cases.

Batch #3 is 8 years old.  We got back on the correct batch numbering at this point.
Released in September 2016.  This is the same distillery as Batch #1 and Batch #2.
This was the smallest release yet at only 598 6-pk cases produced.  This is the only batch released in 6-pk cases.

cotton hollow tn
Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey
Distilled in central Tennessee by one of the world's largest whiskey makers.  The whiskey has a mellow flavor with
bold vanilla and wood notes.  The finish lingers to remind you of your fantastic choice of Cotton Hollow.
Batch #1 of Tennessee Bourbon was released May 2015 with a run of 506 cases.

Batch #2 of Tennessee Bourbon was released in March 2016.  It is a 4 year old Bourbon made by the same
producer as batch #1.  It was put in the barrel at a much lower proof than normal so it has a more
pronounced flavor and aroma.  This is the only version of Cotton Hollow, to date, that has been sold
outside of Texas.  About 50 cases of this were shipped to California.  The remaining 412 cases were sold in Texas.

Distributed Statewide in Texas by
United Wine & Spirits
Call 713.696.9463 for more information