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Grander Rum
Product of Panama

Grander is not your ordinary rum.  They do everything the right way.
No added color.  No added sugar.  No added flavors.  No added...anything.
Just pure, grade A, sugarcane molasses harvested from the distillery owned fields.
This is then fermented with their in-house cultivated yeast strain.
Then it is distilled using the continuous method in a single column still.
The distilate is aged in used white oak Kentucky bourbon barrels.
Grander Rum 8 year old is aged in first fill Bourbon barrels.  This means they have only ever held bourbon.
Grander 12 year old is aged in refill barrels.  These have been used before, adding less color
and more gentle flavor notes.  Panama's tropical heat could cause the wood to overwhelm
the rum if first fill barrels were used for the full 12 years.
Grander Single Barrel is the same as their standard 8 year old but only superior barrels are chosen.
Grander Rye Finish is the standard Grander with an additional 8 months in first fill Rye barrels
from a famous Kentucky distillery.  All aging and finishing was done on-site in Panama.

All Grander Rum's are aged for the full time displayed on the label. 
There is no Solera or blended average aging.

If you are looking for a great rum, you just found it.

Distributed Statewide in Texas by
United Wine & Spirits
Call 713.696.9463 for more information