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inga dolcetto

Since 1832 the Inga family has been producing 100% varietal grappa.
Focusing only on grappa production, they produce no wine.
Lorenzo Inga is the fifth generation of Ingas to run the Inga family grappa business.

Lorenzo Inga is dedicated to producing the finest grappa. Traditional grappa is usually distilled in industrial column stills using the
 pressings from the winemaker's leftovers stems, seeds, skins and leaves. Lorenzo's method is to purchase the vinacce,
(the grape skins and pulp) from small wineries after only the first pressings being used to make wine.
Using these second pressings, he presses the grapes and the free-flowing juices retain the grape's aromatics and varietal characteristics.
 This must is then fermented and double distilled in small alambic copper pot stills, like those used for distillation of the
finest French cognacs. This is the secret to good, varietal grappa. To make sure that it is as fresh as humanly possible, Lorenzo collects
 the vinacce and distills it within 18-24 hours of the first pressing.

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United Wine & Spirits
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