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In February 2016 I began researching Japanese Whisky so as to be better versed to make presentations
of the brands I represented at the time.  During this time I realized that there were no English language
books available on the subject of Japanese Whisky.  Once I had learned about my brands I began to
research the remaining products.  I was surprised to find out how many distilleries and companies
were producing Japanese Whisky.  I published the book in October 2017.

  The project dragged out longer than I expected and during the process of writing my book, two others in English hit the market. 
But I remained undeterred because the other books had a focus on either just the big companies or were far too detailed for the average reader. 
The other books also had fewer tasting notes than my book has.  So, I feel confident when I say that the
Japanese Whisky Handbook is the most comprehensive tasting guide on the market.


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