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Mississippi River Distilling Company started in 2010 after two brothers decided to take a chance on a dream. What started as a crazy idea, grew into an opportunity to create something that these parts hadn't seen since prohibition. A chance to create truly home grown, handmade spirits.

You may not know that over 90% of American whiskies are made by 8 distilleries. While they make great whiskies, there are a lot of similarities. We feel craft distilling is at the same point that craft brewing was 15-20 years ago when the market saw only beer and light beer. Then the small guys introduced new and exciting flavors that changed the face of beer in this country. We want to be part of a similar revolution in spirits.

Cody Road
In 1846, William “Buffalo Bill” Cody was born in LeClaire, Iowa. On his journey down the “road of life”,
he inspired and entertained many. Cody Road Bourbon is named in his honor.

cody road

Cody Road Bourbon
Our bourbon is made form a mash of 70% corn from LeClaire, 20% wheat and 10% unmalted barley from Reynolds, IL.
It is aged for one year in newly charred 30 gallon oak barrels, about half the size of a traditional whiskey barrels.

Cody Road Rye
Handmade from 100% local rye purchased from Dave and Jim Wherry in Fulton, Illinois. Our rye is a unique spirit that showcases the wonderful spiciness of this one-of-a-kind grain along with the delicate fruitiness that is often lost in rye whiskies. Rye is known for being a bold and spicy grain. We distill it very cleanly so you can experience a sweet fruitiness that is unexpected from rye. Then the signature spiciness will linger in the back of your mouth. Let it set in the glass for a few minutes and taste the complexities of rye as they soar from your glass.

mrd family
River Pilot Vodka
River Pilot is a crystal clear vodka with unparallelled smoothess. We use 100% Iowa ingredients in this product. First, we distill a clear sweet corn vodka using corn harvested less than 3 miles from our distillery. That spirit is blended with a neutral corn spirit distilled at a local corn processing plant. The two spirits are combined and then carbon filtered at our distillery. Finally, the blend is redistilled through our small batch process to ensure the smoothest and cleanest of vodkas. Each bottle is hand numbered to reflect the handcrafted dedication each bottle receives.

River Baron Artisan Spirit
River Baron is handmade in Le Claire, Iowa.  Its exceptional taste begins with grains harvested from local farms.  A blend of corn and wheat, all delivered directly from nearby farms where each kernel grew.  It makes for a spirit like you've never tasted before.  Full flavored with the flowery aroma of wheat and the sweet smooth finish of corn.  Premium distillation in small batches ensures outstanding quality.  We use only the sweetest, smoothest portion of each distillation run.  Our signature spirit is distilled and filtered in small batches and the hand writing on the neck label ensures that each bottle has received the care it deserves.

River Rose Gin
Reflecting the deep respect for local expertise, River Rose is distilled with fresh grains from local farmers. Our unique blend of botanicals dates back to a recipe from the late 1800s. Highlighted with traditional juniper, River Rose jumps from your palette with a full body of citrus including orange, grapefruit and lemon. Lavender, rose petals and locally grown cucumbers provide a distinctive finish that makes your martini swirl with aroma.  Our slow, small batch process ensures a consistently clean and smooth finish. We hand write the batch number over each cork so you can see our commitment to every bottle that passes through our distillery.

Distributed Statewide in Texas by
United Wine & Spirits
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