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Bone Spirits was founded in 2010.  The distillery is located in Smithville, Texas. 
Smithville is about 45 miles east of downtown Austin on Hwy 71.
The distillery is open for tours.

Bone Distillery is a craft distillery.  They have a Vendome Pot still and a homemade column still.
They do not have the most picturesque equipment, but it makes some fine products. 
They use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. 
Their Moody June Gin uses wild Texas juniper in addition to other Texas grown botanicals and a few from further afield.  

moody june

Moody June Gin
Moody June Gin is made from start to finish at Bone Spirits in Smithville, Texas.
Bone Spirits is one of the few craft distillers who possess and use a column still. 
They do not source Grain Neutral Spirits from another company for their gin or any other product they make.
Moody June has Bone Spirits GNS steeped with wild Texas Juniper, Rio Grande Valley citrus, West Texas corriander
in addition to some botanicals sourced from outside Texas, such as vanilla bean and licorice.
The production method is similar to what brands such as Beefeater, Tanqueray, or Bombay use.  The botanicals are steeped in high proof
spirit for a significant time period (the exact time is a secret) and then it is redistilled.  The botanical flavors come through
this distillation and then it is reduced to bottle strength (43% abv or 86 proof) and bottled.

Distributed Statewide in Texas by
United Wine & Spirits
Call 713.696.9463 for more information