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my amaro     my limoncello     my sambuca

The Inga family's spirits and liqueurs tell the story of an uninterrupted saga that began in Noto, Sicily
way back in 1832 and flourished in Piedmont since the early twentieth century.

They tell the story of that old passion for the art of distillation, passed down through five generations, all of wich were won
over by that seasonal ritual of the wait that precedes the triumph of flavour, of perfumes, and of harmony.

The sublime characteristics and fine quality of MY AMARO, MY SAMBUCA, and MY LIMONCELLO are the natural outcome of
this tradition of both ritual and continuous research. The "Lorenzo Inga Selection" line is a new and exciting representation
of the formulas that the family founder, Gaetano Inga recorded and passed down and manages to spread the incomparable
mellowness, the precious aromas and the seasoned flavor of the family-produced liqueurs.

Distributed Statewide in Texas by
United Wine & Spirits
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