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Ohishi Whisky
Ohishi Whisky is distilled in Kumamoto Prefecture using the finest Sake rice and the purest water.  They mature their whisky
in ex-brandy casks and ex-sherry.  They release very limited quantities of these to the USA.  Ohishi use ex-brandy
casks as their standard aging cask, as a result they label the ex-brandy cask without designation but the ex-sherry casks
get labeled as sherry aged.

Shochu vs. Rice Whisky
Ohishi Whiskies are rice based whiskies.  While rice is not a common grain used for whisky distillation it is a cereal grain
and meets all regulatory requirements to be called whisky in the USA.  There are hundreds of distilleries in Japan and
only 5 or 6 of these are dedicated to whisky production only.  Most distilleries in Japan produce Shochu, Umeshu,
Whisky and an assorment of other liqueurs.  Shochu is usually made from ceral grains (but not exclusively)
and is single distilled in pot stills.  In Japan it will then be reduced in alcohol strength to around 20% abv and then bottled,
usually without aging.  If it is aged it will still be reduced to 18-25% abv and then bottled for domestic consumption. 
While the stillman probably thought he was making Shochu once this is aged and bottled at over 40% abv, these will no longer
qualify as Shochu.  When it is bottled as whisky it will not be reduced to such a low stength. 
This rice spirit will also usually be aged longer for whisky.

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