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Tipperary Knockmealdowns
The first of our Limited Edition Mountain Range, “The Knockmealdowns” is created from only 6 casks, matured in Ireland for 10 years
 in ex-bourbon barrels. The whiskey is cut to 47% with water from Ballindoney farm in Tipperary, owned by our co-founding family,
the Ahearns.  Knockmealdowns whiskey honours the Knockmealdown mountain range, which straddles the border between
County Tipperary and Waterford. The highest peak, the Knockmealdown, stands at 2,605 feet and looks down from the south
over the plain of land on which Ballindoney farm lies.  A particularly picturesque area, the Knockmealdown mountains are home
 to the “Vee”, a V-shaped turn on the road up Sugarloaf hill. This is one of the most scenic locations in Ireland, and on a clear day
you can look out over 3 counties: Tipperary, Waterford and Limerick.

This 10 year old single malt has been put together from a small batch of 6 ex-Bourbon barrels. 

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Tipperary Watershed
One of the two whiskeys in Tipperary's Boutique Selection. 
Only six first-fill bourbon casks are chosen for each batch of Watershed,
carefully selected for quality by Malt Master, Stuart Nickerson.
After being cut to 47% with Ballindoney water every bottle is numbered individually.
Ballindoney is the farm where Tipperary plan to build their distillery and
this is the first whiskey to be cut with water from this source, hence the name 'Watershed'.

Distributed Statewide in Texas by
United Wine & Spirits
Call 713.696.9463 for more information